Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rudeen Ranch

We got the chance to go to my sister-in-laws ranch again on our way back from Memorial Day weekend. It was the weekend of tagging humming birds. I love humming birds! We were disappointed because we missed watching the branding by 30 minutes! We still got to see the humming birds though. They are beautiful little birds. We were able to ride horses again. Always fun! Last year Brax was scared to ride and this year he loved it. This year Dawson was terrified of the horses and last year he loved them. Kids! What can I say, so unpredictable! It was a blast though! Uncle Phil and Aunt Joyce took the boys on a nature walk and Braxton came back with the coolest caterpillar. He took it home for his pet but it only lived for about a week.

Memorial Day

Paul, the boys, and I went to Idaho Falls for Memorial Day. We got to spend time with both families which was really nice. We got to see Paul's brother and wife which Paul and him hardly see each other so it was great for them to catch up. We visited my dad's grave and told the boys some stories about him. Their two favorite stories about him are jumping out of the helicopter in the military and him putting our pet tarantula on my hair and face when I was a little girl. They have a hard time believing that since now I am scared of just about anything that crawls!

Crazy Cousins

When Dawson and Krue get together they are crazy and so much fun to watch. They copy eachother and do silly things.

Check out this video of the two crazies on the slide.

Computer Nerds

Brax was at school and I came out into the living room and this is what I found. My two little computer nerds. How cute!

Brax's lost teeth

Braxton and Bridger's First Friend Sleepover

Brax and Bridge had their first sleepover at their friend Max's and they did great! I'm not a huge fan of sleepovers but I thought I would get it out of their system. They didn't miss me at all!

Easter 2009

Before we went to Idaho Falls for Easter, the boys decorated Easter Eggs.

Daws got distracted and wanted to swing

Brax hurrying to find eggs

Bridger loading up his bag

Waiting until we let them out to find eggs

All ready for church

Usually every year for Easter we go to Idaho Falls. My cousin's mother-in-law always has a huge Easter feast and then the little kids go on an Easter egg hunt in her huge yard. The kids have so much fun and they look forward to this tradition every year.