Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am Happy!

I just want to ramble for a moment and say how grateful and blessed I am to have such a great, kind, and hard working husband and such wonderful, beautiful, healthy kids. I am so truly blessed. Sometimes I forget to take a step back and breathe and just enjoy my life right now. The days are full of craziness, driving around taking a kid here and there, and kids making messes after I just got the house clean. Like spilled milk or mushed cheerios in the carpet. And in the evening when it is quiet I try and picture how it will be when my kids are grown and the house is empty. I am saddened by this thought. Time is flying by. I think I will miss the ruckus and the spilled milk, the cries in the night when one has a bad dream and needs a hug and a glass of water. I love the pure innocence of a child. The way they get so excited when they learn something new. I love my hands full. When I was at the store a couple of years ago, (when I only had two kids), a lady stopped to tell me that I had my hands full. It was one of those days when one is running around the store and the other was throwing a tantrum. It made me feel very overwhelmed and the lady knew it in my flushed sweaty face. But then the thought came to me how very blessed I was. I would much rather have my hands full than empty! I am so grateful that I am able to have children and be a mother on this earth. I love that feeling so much! I am also very blessed to be able to stay home with my children to help them learn and to watch them grow. Thank you to my husband for that! Okay sorry it is late and I could just go on and on. I am happy!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bridger's First Day of Preschool- Sept. 2nd

My sweet little Bridger started his first year of preschool. He loves it! I know I say this a lot, but where did the time go? He is growing up way too fast! He already acts older from just being in it for a few weeks now. I know I have to start letting go but it is hard! I do admit it is a nice break to have the boys gone for a few hours. It makes me realize how quiet and lonely it is when they are gone. It is easier to shop without them though! :)




On Labor Day we took the boys to Boondocks where we played miniature golf, rode go carts, and played games inside. It was great! We all had so much fun! Paul scored on the tickets they just kept coming out! I won three dinosaurs for the boys and the kids had fun choosing prizes. What a fun place to go!

Drive In

On a Friday evening the boys and I decided to go to the drive in to see Space Chimps. The boys got into their jamas and we went and got Sonic to eat at the movie. We all had a great time! Dawson is the first baby of ours that will actually sit pretty good through a movie which makes it so much easier on all of us.

Muddy Buddies

After Braxton's first day of school he came home with so much energy, so I sent him and Bridger to play in the backyard. When I went to check on them this is what I found. Muddy boys! They
had so much fun putting muddy hand prints all over the back porch!

Braxton's First Day of School Aug. 20th

I can't believe my baby started Kindergarten! Man do the years go by fast! He really loves it and his teacher is great! He also has about six kids that are in our ward that are in his class so that made it easier. He came home and said, "It was funner than I thought it would be. It is way different than preschool." We will be car pooling with his friend Max.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeding the Ducks

On the last day of our trip to Idaho Falls Erin, Krysti, and the boys and I all went to the river to feed the ducks. The kids all had a blast! Dawson ended up eating the bread instead of throwing it but he was happy so that's okay. Little Krue who is so cute and tiny kept up pretty well with all of the "big boys". I love doing things that make the kids smile!

Braxton the Clown. I mean Ninja.

We stay at my cousins when we go to Idaho Falls, there is just more room there and plus each kid has a playmate which makes it a lot of fun. When I went downstairs to check on the kids this is what I found. A "Rock Band Ninja". Braxton is one of the funniest kids I know. He looks so serious but I couldn't help but laugh.

Reed's Dairy

Here are some more pictures of Reed's Dairy. The wagon ride with all of the kids. Can you believe all of those boys?! I loved the picture of Cole and Bridger eating ice cream.

Reed's Dairy

I am finally almost done blogging our summer. A week before Braxton started school we took a trip to Idaho Falls to visit family and friends before I had a Kindergartner and had to be on a stricter schedule. When we were there the local dairy was having the dairy days which they do every year. The kids had so much fun. We went with Mauna (my mom), Erin and her boys, my niece Azlynn, and Krysti and her nephew Treyson. Poor Erin was pregnant, hot, and miserable. We got to go on a wagon ride to see all of the cows, we went through the building where they pump the cows, make cheese curds and ice cream. There was a petting zoo and the boys were able to milk fake cows. We also had lunch there and ice cream. What a wonderful day to start wrapping up summertime!

Great Grandma giving Dawson POP!

When we were in Idaho Falls we had a family get together at my grandma's. She decided to give Dawson a drink of Root Beer for the first time. At first he pulled the funniest face but then he really liked it. Great grandma Amy was his new best friend! After that he would not stop kissing her. I love my grandma!

Sorry my small camera has been taking blurry pictures but I think I figured out the problem.

Pots and Daws!

Our little Dawson is always getting into everything lately. He loves to play with the pots and pans and when I went in the kitchen I found him in the oven drawer just as happy as can be!

Discovery Center

Before Paul was going back to work we took the boys to the Discovery Center of Idaho. The boys all had a great time. I think Paul enjoyed himself the most! Everything was hands on from electronics, to an animal hospital, even a cute little grocery store. We could have spent hours there! The boys keep asking when we can go back.