Sunday, August 30, 2009

All about Daws

He loves Baseball

Sticker Boy

Little Pirate Boy

Joe's Crab Shack


Before Paul left back to work we took the boys to Joe's Crab Shack. I love this place. It is so much fun! They give you bibs to use when you eat crab and the server's even dance when certain songs come on. My boys actually really liked seafood, especially shrimp!

Max, Brax, and Bridger

Braxton's friend Max came over to play and the boys wanted to watch

Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3D. I thought this was such a cute picture!


Braxton and Bridger played indoor soccer again this year and here are a few photos with my blurry camera again. This was the day of their last game so a clown came and brought a huge ball. Then they got their awards. This is Braxton's last year of this because he is officially too old!

Daddy and the Boys

I loved this picture of Paul holding all of his boys!

Ice Skating

Okay let me just say, my small camera that I carry in my purse takes the worst indoor pictures. I am so mad most of these pictures are blurry but I wanted to post this because we had so much fun! Paul and I took the boys ice skating. We left Dawson with my friend Deb and it was so nice to be able to just focus on Braxton and Bridger. That sounds mean, (we love you Daws), but I think it was great for the two older boys. They had little walkers so they wouldn't fall and I think Brax and Bridge both did so well. They loved it and they always ask when we can do it again.

Valentines Day- Kiss Kiss Fish

For Valentines Day this year I wanted to a fun craft for the boys. I found the cutest idea on another blog making fish using cut out hearts from fabric. You could also use scrap book paper or really any kind of paper. The boys really had fun. They decided to call the fish "Kiss Kiss Fish!" So cute. Don't mind the bed head on my boys. ;)

Braxton and Basketball

Braxton wanted to play basketball in kindergarten and we thought why not? So we signed him up and let me just say it was hilarious to watch little kids trying to dribble the ball and run down the court at the same time. This was probably the most entertaining sport that we have put Braxton in. He had a lot of fun and he will probably play in first grade as well. He is #6 and he was ecstatic to be that number because it was his age!

McCall- Winter Festival Ice Sculptures

This past January Paul was actually home when they had the winter festival in McCall. So of course we had to go. We went a few years back and we all had so much fun. The sculptures were amazing! The boys loved sliding down the ice slide. We also went sledding and then we ate pizza. What a fun day we all had!


I just love these little future missionaries!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dawson's Head Injury

Braxton was such a good brother because it was his birthday but he didn't even complain having to stay at the ER for awhile.

I think Dawson had a Headache

Bridger waiting so patiently at the ER

On January 20th (Braxton's Birthday), Brax had the day off from school. Paul was out of town so we were waiting to celebrate his birthday when he got back. So I let Braxton choose where he wanted to go for lunch, he chose Artic Circle. After that we went to Walmart to get a few things and to let Braxton choose a small toy for his special day. Well my little Dawson has been my biggest handful and he is so hard to take to the store. He is always trying to get out of the cart or stand up. I looked away for one second to grab some oatmeal off of the shelf and Brax yelled, "MOM! DAWSON!!!!" He fell out of the cart right on his head. For those who know me, I am such a paranoid person and that has always been a huge fear of mine because I have heard of children dying from falling out of shopping carts. I picked him up so fast and he cried for less than 15 seconds and then his eyes started rolling back into his head. I was so freaked out I left the cart and made Brax and Bridger run with me to our vehicle. I debated on calling the ambulance but the hospital was pretty close, yet it seemed like I drove forever. I made Braxton sit by him because he kept dozing off so he kept him awake. When we arrived at the ER they got us right in. He had to have a CT scan and it came back okay, which I was relieved yet still very nervous to take him home. I just had to watch for certain signs and I am so glad to say he was okay. It sounds weird saying it now, but I really thought I was losing him. The way he was acting was sooooo scary. Now I am way more careful with him in the shopping cart. If he refuses to sit, I just carry him. I know he is spoiled but I never want that to happen again.