Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Photos

My friend Gretchen's husband Owen took our family pictures this year. He did a great job! Here are a few.....

I love this saying!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Disney on Ice

After Taylor's going away party yesterday, the boys and I went to see Disney on Ice. I wasn't going to go because Paul was not here and I didn't know if I could handle all three kids by myself for the whole show, but they were great! Of course we wish Paul could have been with us but we still had fun. Disney was celebrating 100 years and so they put on a great show! They had SO many characters. Braxton loved Buzz and Bridger loved Aladdin. At first Dawson was a little scared, but then he loved it and would not stop clapping. The boys were so worn out from the busy day that we had, when we got in the car they all fell asleep. That is very rare for my two older ones to fall asleep in the car.


At the end of the show, some of the characters.

Goodbye and Good luck

Taylor and the boys.

Yesterday my friend Deb had a going away party for her husband Taylor. He is in the military and is being deployed overseas. How sad! :( The boys love Deb and Taylor and so do Paul and I. Good Luck Taylor and please return safely to your wife!

Build a Bear

Braxton had a few days off of school this past week and so he wanted to go to Build a Bear to give his bear a bath and to get a new outfit for him. He told me his bear was getting to chubby and he had outgrown his shirt. Braxton and Bridger washed and brushed their bears and then picked out the perfect outfits for them. Bridger picked out Spiderman. (Lately he has been obsessed with him). Braxton picked out a military outfit. There was a brown camo or a green. In these exact words this is what was said......

Braxton: "Mom, should I get the brown outfit or the green?"

Me: "Whichever one you want Braxton."

Braxton: "Ummmmm, I think I will get the green outfit, it is more governmentish."

That kid! He says the funniest things! I love my kids!

Afterwards we went and got a pretzel and some lemonade and just sat and talked with each other.

Bridger washing "Baby".

Brax washing "Max".
Max's "governmentish outfit".


One of my high school friends who lives in Texas now came up to visit. We didn't get to spend a lot of time together but hopefully we can when she comes back for Christmas. Dawson and her cute little boy Christian are exactly 3 months apart. Funny Heather is 3 months younger than me also.


I've kinda been a slacker at blogging lately so I am going to rewind back to Halloween. We all had a really fun time. The day before, Bridger's preschool had a Halloween party and he got to wear his costume. They made really cute crafts. He has a great teacher. Then on Halloween, Braxton had a party at his school. He didn't get to dress up so he wore a bat shirt and we called him "Bat Man". He had a lot of fun. After he got out of school, the boys got into their costumes and we went trick or treating at the court house. Then we came home and ate dinner and then went trick or treating in the neighborhood. It was really fun! The neighborhood was FULL of kids. After that the Stephenson's had a Halloween party so we went to that. We had a great Halloween but wish Paul could have been here to enjoy it with us!

Bridger's preschool friends!

Braxton's school party.

Dawson having fun in Brax's class.

"Bat Man"
Going "Trick or Treating"
Bridger found a spot to sit and eat his candy right when we got home.
Dawson envying Bridger's sucker.
Brax going through all of his candy.
I dressed up as a "punk".
Dawson at the party wanted a doughnut on a string.