Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumkins

On Monday night we carved our pumpkins. The boys had a great time gutting the pumpkin and then with a crayon they drew a face and then Paul carved it for them. Paul carved the Grim Reaper and I carved a vampire. Dawson missed out on the fun because he was sleeping. There is next year for him!

Daws in my vampire wig.

Nice look Paul!

Left to Right.... JoDee' s vampire, Bridger's face, Braxton's face, and Paul's grim reaper.


When Paul is here we always try to go and do something fun. This time we took the kids bowling and lets just say that we will be doing it again. We all had so much fun. Except for Dawson who was restrained in his stroller with snacks and toys. Poor little Daws! Of course Paul won, but only by 11 points.


Paul and I were invited to a couples Halloween party. Thanks again Lakel! We dressed up as vampires. Paul bit me and turned me into one. :) We had a blast with all of the other couples. I couldn't stop laughing because the games we played were hilarious! My nice friend Deb watched our kids which was such a nice break for us!

Making Ghosts

One day after school the boys sat down to make ghosts to hang in the tree. They had so much fun! They even named each ghost.

Dawson decided to try to eat a cotton ball.

Hanging the Ghosts was their favorite part!


Last Saturday Paul and I took the kids to Boo at the Zoo. It was packed but the kids had a great time. Paul isn't able to be here for Halloween this year so this was a great day to let Paul be with the kids and see them in their costumes.

My two Pirates.

All of my Boys!

Little Dragon

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Handsome Boys

I love when my boys are dressed up! I think they are so handsome. They look so grown up! It gives me a sneak peak of what they will look like as men. Best Brothers forever!

Trick or Treat

Tonight while I was making dinner, Brax and Bridge came into the kitchen with their blankets over their heads pretending to be ghosts. They said today is Halloween and they were trick or treating. They came to me holding out there hands for a treat. I just happened to be slicing olives so that is what they got. They loved it! So did Dawson! I have never given Dawson a whole olive but I couldn't leave the poor little guy out!

Bridger chomping on his olives.

Dawson loved it on his finger. He just stood and stared at it.

For dinner tonight, I tried to fix something healthy. My boys love grilled chicken salad. It is very quick, easy, and delicious!

Flexible Dawson part 2

A while back I posted a picture of Dawson sleeping in his crib titled "Flexible Dawson". In that post I said that I needed to post a pic of Daws doing the splits, so tonight while we were playing on the ground, I decided this would be the perfect time. Brax was our photographer. I really think Dawson is double jointed!

Future Olympian!

My little egg.
Cute little Dawson all ready for story time. I feel like I take so many pictures of him. This stage is just soooo fun! I posted the pictures backwards. His bath should have been first but oh well!

All bundled up in his towel.

Brushing his hair.

Cute little, I mean chubby bum.

He loves his Bath!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nickels and Yew Nork

I just wanted to post some funny things about my kids. Today Bridger wanted to play Doctor on me so he had me lay down, and with a magnified glass he started looking at my arms. He said, "Mom, you have a nickel." I said, "a what?" He then began saying, "there is another nickel, and another nickel. Mom you have lots of nickels!" I looked at my arm and it turns out Bridger got the word freckle confused with nickels! How cute is that?

On another note, yesterday while we were driving in the car, Braxton said he wanted to go to Yew Nork City. I laughed hysterically! Kids say the cutest things! I love my boys!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dancing Brothers

While we were in the parking lot of Rafiki waiting for our friends to arrive, Braxton and Dawson started dancing. It was so funny I had to record it! Bridger wouldn't dance. All he wanted was chocolate! Be sure to pause the playlist at the bottom before playing the video.


Last Thursday and Friday there was no school so on Thursday some of my friends and I took our kids to a play place called Rafiki. It was such a cool place for kids and parents to hang out. They had nice sofas for the parents and even healthy food. They had so many things for the kids to do from rock climbing to dressing up, a play area, a craft area, karaoke, air hockey, a Wii room and so on. It was the perfect place to be except it was kinda far from where we all live but that's okay! I think we all had a great time!

Craft Table

Does anybody know what superhero costume Braxton is wearing?

Daws wanted to climb like his brothers

So professional! ;)

My little fireman

There was even a Toddler section

Brax still loves Buzz

Silly Dawson

I love this picture!

While Paul was having a pillow fight with the superheros in the background, Dawson decided to put on Braxton's shoes. He looked hilarious especially when he tried to walk in them. This is such a fun stage!

Making Carmel and Candy Apples

Again, I will say, "I Love Fall!" so after our drive to almost Hells Canyon we came home and made Carmel and candy apples with the boys. Braxton and Bridger thought it was the coolest thing! Paul was a great sport. He got stuck with cleaning up the hardened candy in the pot. It was almost a disaster, but Paul came to our rescue!

I think next year we will only make Carmel apples. The candy makes too much of a mess!